Danielle R.T(R), C.C.M.A.

Medical Assistant
Received “Top Clinical Instructor of the Year” award

If you have seen Dr. Grimes, Patrick or Sean you have most likely met Danielle as well.  She is Team Grimes MA, or medical assistant.  She keeps the office moving during the busy clinic days at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine.  Danielle is also a RT, or Radiologic Technician, she has assisted in the training of several Keiser University students that have practiced internships here at OASA, and she has even been awarded with the “Keiser University Instructor Award” for her accomplishments with these aspiring future health care professionals!  Danielle is also responsible for prescription refills, and any problems you may have after surgery.  She can be reached at904-825-0540 ext. 2215.


Surgery Scheduler

If you have been scheduled for a surgery you have already met Lauren.  Lauren is Dr. Grimes surgery scheduler.  She assists in preparing all the documents required to have your surgery run as smoothly as possible.  This includes, Orthopaedic Class scheduling, organizing pre surgical paperwork required from your primary care physician, and times to report to Flagler Hospital or The Outpatient Surgery Center of St. Augustine.  If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming surgery that is scheduled, Lauren can be reached at904-925-0540 ext. 2213.


Personal Business Manager

Teresa is Dr. Grimes personal business manager.  She keeps all the pieces of the Team Grimes machine running together as efficiently as possible.  Teresa assists in Dr. Grimes meeting schedules, the follow up of patient satisfaction and community outreach programs that both Dr. and Grace Grimes are involved in.  On occasion you may receive an order from Dr. Grimes to “contact Teresa about that!”