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I had my right hip replaced in Feb. 2020 by Dr. Grimes,  should have done this years ago! Its amazing how great I feel! Thanks to the Orthopedic Team! Dr. Grimes, Sean, Patrick & Kendra! Hospital nurses & staff were also amazing! Thank you so much! I have my walk & life back!

I would like to thank Dr. Grimes, Patrick, Sean and the Orthopaedic Team of St. Augustine. I am enjoying a healthy life and living a busy life because of the wonderful care l received from all of you.

Thanks again,
Annie B Jackson

In 2016, I started to experience discomfort in my right hip. The pain grew worse and my primary physician gave me a cortisone injection which did very little to relieve my pain. My wife, who is a nurse, said I would probably need a hip replacement. As we were walking our dogs around our neighborhood, we asked several of our neighbors, which orthopedic surgeon they recommended. They all said, “Dr. James Grimes'” without hesitation! That was good enough for me. His staff are professional and caring and though they are busy, they all take the time to treat you as a person. The staff at Flagler Hospital is fantastic. Yes, it takes a bit of time to get back on your feet but before to long, the pain starts to subside and you’re going to physical therapy. DON’T SKIP PT! I have heard of several cases where people found them in worse shape because they thought it wasn’t necessary. This past November, Dr. Grimes replaced my other hip! Again, it takes a while to get back to getting around, but, this time was even easier because I knew what to expect. I now walk our 3 dogs around our neighborhood pain free! Thank you Dr. Grimes, Patrick, Sean and staff!

I cannot say enough good things about Dr Grimes & his staff. Always very professional & very helpful. Dr Grimes replaced both of my hips two years apart. Both went very smoothly and I recovered quickly. I also have had a knee issue which was also taken care of by Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine. I would never go anywhere else. Highly recommended!!!

I had my right hip replaced using the anterior method 2 years ago. Dr. Grimes and staff were very caring and helpful. Prior to surgery I walked with a limp due to extreme pain. When I woke up from surgery the pain was gone. I walked with a walker a couple of hours after surgery and did 2 weeks of rehab. I knew it was time to get rid of the cane when I kept leaving it somewhere and had to hunt for it. Within 2 weeks I was walking normally and pain free. Thank you Dr. Grimes and staff for giving me pain free walking.

I went to Dr. Grimes with two aching knees not knowing what to expect for results from the surgery. My wife and I couldn’t have been treated better than if we were famous. Rehab was pretty typical and scaring was nil. Whose going to look close at a guy’s knees anyway? The knee joints are made so that any replacement needed was limited scaring and out patient. I would recommend Dr. Grimes and staff to anyone in need of knee replacement surgery!


Had left knee done seven years ago and went back to Dr Grimes for my right knee over one year ago. He was very accurate in telling me I needed to replace them both. Now I am more active at 68 then I was at 62. Thanks again to Dr. Grimes and his staff.

Everyone was great. Dr. Grimes and his team did a superlative job. Also want to give special kudos to Michelle & Clay in rehab.

I had my needed shoulder surgery taken care of a little while back by Dr. Grimes there at the Surgery Center. Prior to my surgery my pain was excruciating. They tested me and diagnosed the problem very quickly to be a large labrum tear that required surgery. Dr. Grimes was very thorough in his explanation of my injury and comforted me leading into surgery. The surgery went great and I adhered perfectly to my therapy and post surgery care for my shoulder. At the Orthopaedic Associates therapy center, they took great care of me and clearly explained exercises to do outside of therapy while recovering and what I can do in the future prior to lifting weights and exercise to help prevent future injuries to the shoulder. To this day, I am Blessed to say that my shoulder feels 100% and I continue to follow Dr. Grimes and his therapy staff’s recommendations to help keeping good shoulder health.

Dr. Grimes also serves as our kids personal physician as our son has had two sports related injuries (hand and wrist) that we have bypassed the school’s team physician for Dr. Grimes to treat with excellent results.

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