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I had my needed shoulder surgery taken care of a little while back by Dr. Grimes there at the Surgery Center. Prior to my surgery my pain was excruciating. They tested me and diagnosed the problem very quickly to be a large labrum tear that required surgery. Dr. Grimes was very thorough in his explanation of my injury and comforted me leading into surgery. The surgery went great and I adhered perfectly to my therapy and post surgery care for my shoulder. At the Orthopaedic Associates therapy center, they took great care of me and clearly explained exercises to do outside of therapy while recovering and what I can do in the future prior to lifting weights and exercise to help prevent future injuries to the shoulder. To this day, I am Blessed to say that my shoulder feels 100% and I continue to follow Dr. Grimes and his therapy staff’s recommendations to help keeping good shoulder health.

Dr. Grimes also serves as our kids personal physician as our son has had two sports related injuries (hand and wrist) that we have bypassed the school’s team physician for Dr. Grimes to treat with excellent results.

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Our mission is to be of services to men who find themselves in domestic violence situations. This issue is often overlooked and because of that, suicide & homicide rates are drastically climbing. Your donations and participation in this event will help us provide help for these men who feel they have no voice and no place to go. This foundation is not to take away from women who suffer physical/emotional/mental abuse, this is just to bring light & a helping hand to men that are overlooked because they are men.

We sincerely appreciate any/all donations!

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The Rhoden Family

My name is Alex and my first memories of Dr. Grimes began in the RBHunt parking lot when by brother yanked my arm out of it’s socket. Dr. Grimes was dropping off his children and my Mom spotted him and asked for help. He popped it right back in and I was on my way! Since that time I have been involved in the community with several sporting events. My passion is women’s volleyball! I started playing at Sebastian Middle School, St. Augustine High School and Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association. I am blessed to say that I currently play on a volleyball scholarship at Anderson University in South Carolina. Dr. Grimes and the staff at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine are a large part of the equation that has brought me to living the dream of collegiate volleyball today! Dr. Grimes, Patrick, and Sean have seen me through required sports physicals, rolled ankles, bone bruises and ACL strains! If not for the dynamic physical therapy team of Josh Lasoff under the direction Ryan Hemelt I honestly do not think I would be playing, as a freshman, on a highly competitive Division 2 Volleyball Program at AU. They have been there for me both mentally and physically to support my goals and will always remain in my humble thanks for being real, everyday people caring for other real everyday people and enjoying what they do!

I was 75 years old in April of 2013, when Dr. Grimes preformed hip replacement surgery on my right hip. He used the anterior position approach early in the morning. By 12:30 p.m. I was able to sit in a chair and walked down the hall with a walker that afternoon. I NEVER experienced very mush pain, and after leaving the hospital I NEVER took any medication for pain.

There are no words to express my thanks and gratitude to Dr. Grimes, his assistants, and the care of those in his office.

Blessings to all! GG

I talked to several doctors – none of them affiliated with Flagler Hospital, ” who told me, ” they could replace my hip, but that I should come to terms with the idea that I should probably never run again.” Well, that was not the answer I was looking for. So I found a kindred spirit in Dr. James Grimes, who in addition to being a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon is also an exercise enthusiast. He understood my desires and developed a plan just for me. There is never a guarantee in these things, but I felt with Flagler Hospital and Dr. Grimes, I was giving it my best shot – and it really worked out. My right hip actually feels much stronger than my left hip now; it really feels solid. Zero pain. I have plenty of friends my age who have gone through similar surgeries and I feel blessed to be doing so well.

I wanted to let you know of my experience with my total knee arthroplasty for both my right and left knee. Your office has the nicest, professional people working there and you should be proud. The people in your physical therapy are equally great and professional to be around!

My knees. I cant tell you how pleased I am you performed the surgery for my total knee rplacements! The experience on both knees, while slightly different, was both truly more than I expected. If I had not had my knee surgeries, I know I would have ended up riding on one of those scooters!

Before the surgeries my knees were in constant pain, well above the ten (10) on a scale of 1 being little pain, 10 being extreme pain. Ten minutes walking was my limit. I now have zero pain in both knees.

I feel I am a very fortunate person and was lucky enough to have the perfect surgeon. Thank You so much for everything you have done for me.


Evelyn L. Wilson

Before having my knee surgery last year, I had never undergone anything that required a hospital stay. Needless to say, I was nervous; however, the entire staff at Flagler Hospital made me feel comfortable starting with my pre surgery appointment. They provided answers, encouragement and conversation to make me feel right at home. If there was anything that I needed, I was urged to call. The personalized care I recieved was exceptional and completely beyond my expectations. I am thankful to Dr. Grimes, his team and the staff at Flagler Hospital for everything they did to help get my life back. Every word of encouragement and every minute of physical therapy that went into making sure my recovery was a success is very much appreciated.